Sunday, December 14, 2008

Selfish, tardy, fat, lazy, stubborn, lost, unhappy, dissatisfied...

What the hell is happening to me?

Unhappy with where I am now, unhappy with who I am now, wishing i could crawl into a hole and just DIE.

It's true what I said to you, maybe I'm just there to change you into a better person. But see, you're not as patient as I was.

So who comes out as the loser in the end?


Great, isn't it?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I want a Chicky Club birthday too, please.

I want to do the chicken dance, hug that cute as a button fluffy chicken, and then EAT chicken.

Isn't it ironic that KFC's mascot is a chicken and we are EATING chicken? Heheheheh.

It's like feeding chickens chicken meat. Cannibalism at its sickest, i suppose.

Yat and I sucked the helium from the helium balloons and made squeaky voices at the party. My ex-students must have thought we were nuts.

Yes, i was invited to my ex-student's 6th birthday at KFC East Coast. I have got to say, the most inaccessible place I can think of for doing a birthday party. Unless you have a vehicle (which i do. *winks*)

Congrats to Yat for completing his BMT recourse at Tekong. Boo for me coz now I have to turn in his PSP coz he can bring it into Bedok Camp. *pouts* I'll get over it.

Double boo for me coz 2009 is gonna be a financially heartbreaking year for me. I have to keep reminding myself that this is for the better, that it will only get better, and i damned as hell need all the support i can get. Not financial support, mind, emotional support would be GREAT. But whoever wants to support me financially also can la. LOL. (In search of my rich old man!)

Bye-bye to my savings when i have to use em up next year. Then start from scratch again. SHIT. Like this I get married in ten years la ok.

Or I marry rich old man and kill him and take his money.

So frustrated. So, effing, frustrated.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

2009 is an uncertain year for me. Effing uncertain. I'm a bit pissed off at everything right now coz i really don't know what to do. Financial situation is horrible. I need to go on a holiday, i need to get away from this goshdammit place for a while just to de-stress, but do i have sufficient cash? No.

Effing effing effing eff.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Last day of school.

Went to Singapore Flyer and HippoTours with my K1 and K2 class. I'm going to miss my K2 kids *sobs*.

Took pictures galore, will be uploading them on Facebook. Gawd, i love facebook. Pet Society makes it ten times better, of course. Maybe this is why people have switched from Friendster, coz Friendster is so damned boring and stagnant. The applications and games and crap make Facebook so much more fun. Anyway, i digressed.

Cycling outing at East Coast with colleagues. Kinda not in mood coz i haven't exercised my saggy body in yonks. Nevermind, will try to look forward to it on Monday. Which reminds me i have an assignment due and i haven't even read it yet. Assignment be damned.

I'm feeling too lazy to set up my new corners in my classroom. I'm feeling too lazy to make my "bakery" with the fake breads and shit. I'm just too damned fricking lazy. I just want to run away for a while, run away from everything and just relax. No chances of that, though.

Been horrendously bitchy and irritating and sore-breasted and bloated like a balloon. Shit that PMS. Am not looking forward to kindergarten Orientation coz then i have to be all nice and polite to the Mayor whom i so don't want to layan at this moment.

Would definitely like to go to Downtown East Escape Theme Park. Even if the rides are a bore and give me more of a headache than a headrush and adrenaline, i would STILL like to go. Oh, oh, oh, i would like to go on the 3GMax. Is that what they call it? That bungee jumping thing in town. Gawd gawd gawd i wanna go i wanna go i wanna go. Even if i get grandfather headache of the year i don't mind. The thrill! Dangggggg.

Who wants to help me do up my classroom? Malas laaaaaa. *groan*

Monday, November 10, 2008

Today is the day i've been waiting for since i joined Learning Capital in August 2007. The last day of school, practicum finished, last assignment left. But i felt SOOOOO sad coz in DPTP18 i met the rocking-est group EVA.

True, there were the near fatal heart attacks, the drama of groupings and last-minute assignments and presentations, but we overcame it all with grit and determination and the occasional Tong Seng to cheer us up. From one of us getting pregnant to popping within the course of the Diploma, to another going to pop again soon, from losing one group member to goodness knows what wherever she is now, it was a helluva BLAST. From them i learnt so much about Malays and their differing mindsets regarding certain things, from pregnancy "pantang" to marriage to goodness knows what. Some were hair-raising amusing, some were food for thought. Some were just plain hilarious. But it was all informative.

In poly the coursemates drank, smoked, cursed, clubbed, etc. They were a different kind of people. I still had fun with them even if i couldn't join in 90% of their activities. But we still had fun doing other crazy things during editing sessions, cursing at each other with abandon, sitting like ah-peks and stressing out over projects, eating at the editing suite corridors with our flip flops and bitching and gossiping about gay lecturers and shitty freeloading coursemates, amateur shoots, i wouldn't trade my 3 years in Poly for anything in the world.

Just like i wouldn't trade my 1 year 3 months in DPTP18 for anything in the world. I may not have agreed with some of their very "malay" mindsets, but i learnt many things from all of my girls, and i left that course with a handful of friends i lurve very absolutely much.

I guess I had the best of both worlds.

To those of you from Learning Capital DPTP18 - i lurrrbbbb yew all! I may not ever see you guys again as we will so obviously drift apart, but please i hope if we see each other in the streets, we will greet each other and give those killer hugs ok? Even if passers-by look at us as if we are crazy lesbian tudungs. Coz who gives a kentot, eh?? Even the non-tudungs! :):)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Itching to get out of Singapore, even if only for 3 days. Friends not being very responsive, i'm going to irritate them until they agree! Hahahaha.

Checked out Southern Ridges, it was a very nice place, had to trek for a bit, both of us old and buncit farts were panting by the time we got there. Quite a lot of people were there, families, snogging couples, friends, etc.

Check out pictures uploaded on Facebook.

By the way, Quantum Of Solace was a BORE. First ever movie i fell asleep in. Not a loss, because i didn't pay for it. HAHAHAHAHA. Yat had a movie outing with BMT boys, and well, me being the agreeable gf, i followed even though my initial reaction to watching Quantum Of Solace was,

"Whaaaaa???? But WHY??"

I would rather have watched Tropic Thunder. But the humor would probably be lost on him. Tsk. Well, we can't have it all, can we? *shrugs*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

*jumps up and down*

I'm so restless.

I'm praying, InsyaAllah, my application is approved. I haven't sent it yet due to a little glitch, but no worries, it will be ironed out soon.

Please, please, please, let me get this.

I ask for nothing more. Well, not for the time being that is.

Well maybe for a miracle to happen.

I'm waiting for a miracle. Is that too much to ask for? Do miracles exist?

Been thinking of a certain person lately. Quite unhealthy. I mean, when he came to me i gave him the cold shoulder, TWICE, and suddenly he's popping into my head again? I mean. Come on. Stop it already.

I need to berry. Bubbyee.